Timeless Expressions

“TIME AND SPACE: NOTHING IS ETERNAL WITHOUT EXPERIENCES OR MEMORIES”, based on this concept, our team was established to realize a new design for space, not just limited to the physical pieces of design, but expanded to include the value of the experience.

Space, objects, buildings and time... none of these will remain in our memories without first being experienced. TIMELESS not only links subtle and fine details with luxurious spaces, but also values linking these to the special moments experienced there. We capture precious daily moments with friends and family and offer them as our designed spaces. When an experience is born in a space, it becomes eternal. That is why we call ourselves TIMELESS.


Interior design, Furniture design,  Planning, Branding, Art direction, Graphic design & more.

Interior design Furniture design Planning Branding Art direction Graphic design & more.


Yoshiki Nakamura
2017. 5.9
#203 AUBE TORANOMON, 5-3-21 Toranomon,
Minato-ku, Tokyo, 105-0001


Yoshiki Nakamura

CEO / Project Designer

As the head of interior design at a large general contractor, a large architecture firm, and interior design firms, has stayed at the forefront throughout his career and is known as “the leading person of hotel design”. His experience and achievements, not limited to the fields of interior design and FF&E design, are fostered by profound knowledge of area development and architectural design in general and the project direction across the industry.

Has designed many luxury hotels, both domestically and internationally, especially in Asia. Defines interior design as “architecture that can be touched”. Has been giving value to culture and lifestyle through the designed space that can be experienced with the five senses. In 2017, Established TIMELESS Inc. with the concept of "TIME AND SPACE: NOTHING IS ETERNAL without EXPERIENCES OR MEMORIES". Based on this, in addition to hardware design, has built a brand based on marketing and provides a new space that includes experience value.

Hiromi Sasaki

Director / Executive Designer

Extensive experience in interior design for both domestic and international luxury hotels and commercial facilities. Established a reputation for designing spaces that feature texture, color scheme, and light representation. Has a thorough and detailed design approach not limited to interior design, but also ranges from conceptual work such as planning and zoning to tactile furniture and furnishing. Also, based on her profound understanding of “the power of the place” that a city, local culture, target architecture, and outdoor facility possess, places importance on how to harmonize her design with it. Connects past and future through the space design pursuing the essence, rather than following style and trend, and has an enduring aesthetic perspective.

Saishi Imai

Director / Executive Designer

His career as an Interior Designer at interior and architectural design firms involves design and supervision for hotels and commercial facilities throughout the world. Has abundant experience in overseeing projects from start to finish. Also involves himself in the design and production of products, graphics and art for interiors. Graduated from the Department of Design, Tokyo University of the Arts. Has won multiple awards such as the Interior Planning Award (award of excellence) and the Japan DSA Kukan Design Award.

Kosuke Tanaka

Brand Designer

Has a wide range of careers, including designing hotels and commercial facilities in Japan and overseas at interior design offices and branding companies, as well as developing various brands. He creates experience value in a wide range of design fields and draws out brand value and provides experience value with total design by fusing insight and creativity.

Qi Wang

Interior Designer

Born in Suzhou, China. A bilingual, came to Japan at the age of 14 and mastered Japanese. After graduating from the Department of Architecture and Interior, Bunka Gakuen University, joined the company as a designer. Her precision and calmness contribute to the level of perfection of the designs.

Yuki Ikeda

Planning / Manager

Has a career in both graphic design and project management, and broadened her experience at a publishing firm and graphic design firms in Los Angeles. Presently in charge of project promotion and management, client relations, as well as office management in general. Also assists planning and project proposals.